A fully reliable partner

GEAT, Your Logistic Partner, is fully aligned to the local legislations requirements:

  • is registrered on “Albo Società Cooperative a mutualità prevalente” in the category “Cooperative di produzione lavoro”

  • is owner of the license for the goods transportation on the road for third parties and it is regularly registered on the carriers national registry.

  • according to art. 14 del decreto 30 giugno 2003 nr.22, is registered in the classification scale for volumes over 10.000.000 € in value.
  • according to Decreto Ministeriale 274/1977 is in the CCIAA register in the section “Cleaning Companies”, lecter A and E

  • is under insurance coverage RCA, RCO, RCT, with bill stipulated with the insurance company “Assicurazioni Generali”

  • is associated to Nord Ovest Imprese of Alessandria province

  • GEAT contextualize its workers relying to the contract CCNL“Logistics and goods Transportation and Delivery” ; the respect of this legislation requirement is under the periodic transmission of the D.U.R.C prescriptions to our customers.

Safety: a value


Working with multinationals, our company learned fundamental approaches to manage safety together with people, building on the Italian and EU legislation requirements.

  • GEAT hires competent medical consultancy, who provides verification and certification of the physical and specific eligibility for every kind of job performed; our safety managers are key roles in defining risk assessments, training procedures and providing periodical up to date information to all the staff on health and safety, in all the ranges of operations and structures in which we work.

  • ASP, safety representative for workers, assigned on first aid and fire-fighting, emergency management, specifically trained according to the current legislation and to the specific customers needs, who work in collaborating and supporting the staff working for our customers.